About Us

At Money Matters Consulting, our mission is to help make the pieces fit. By striving for excellence, reliability, organization, accountability, and accuracy, it builds on our professional services. Becoming a business owner can be scary, but once you make the leap and dedicate yourself to your craft, it becomes a very rewarding life experience. There is a passion that develops within you and shows through the services performed or products provided.

Working with different types of businesses, individuals, and organizations allows for a broad knowledge of many industries and personal situations. Through our collaboration, starting with your goals and analyzing current obligations, a budgeting plan can be developed and organized. Providing professional services at the highest level will not only give you confidence as a business owner, it gives you a different way of thinking about finances. Building a plan and working to execute all aspects of it is the best service I can provide to any of my clients.

About the Owner

Krystina Buckley holds a master’s in public administration from The City College of New York, and a bachelor’s in business administration, with a concentration in Accounting, from Baruch College. Upon graduation, and employment with one of the coveted “Big 4” accounting firms, Krystina’s calling became pursuing and owning a professional firm that consults with an array of people and organizations. A vision to help build businesses through developing reliable budgets and financials. Krystina possess the skills, experience, and passion required to advise many different types of organizations in many different situations. While always looking forward to a challenge, it is Krystina’s goal to help complete the puzzle.

Services & Fees
Services provided – Accounting & Bookkeeping, Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Seminars, and Tax Preparation.

Fees range depending on the type of services provided. Please contact us for more details.