Accounting & Bookkeeping:
Balancing and updating your books can be very difficult and time-consuming. This is where we come in. With experience in various industries (including international trade, legal services, education, design, retail, etc.), as well as with nonprofits, we provide small businesses with reliable & affordable services . Additionally, we work on several accounting platforms including QuickBooks, Sage (Peachtree), and Wave. Our goal is to keep bookkeeping items current such as payroll, bank and credit card reconciliations, account payable & receivables, and financial reporting.

Budgeting & Forecasting:
Paying attention to details is very important. We provide individuals and small businesses with a careful review and update of their current financial position. From this, we create and implement detailed budgets and process reports to evaluate how to allocate future expenditures based on the income received. After careful analysis, a forecasting budget is created and maintained throughout the recommended time period.

Financial Seminars:
Our seminar events explore how to accomplish your financial goals and hold yourself accountable. Education is most important in financial planning. Our process focuses on financial literacy by helping others understand the terminology and how systems operate. Learning together on a more intimate level allows participants to understand how to make their financial system work for them. Each situation is different from the other, understanding how to analyze and manipulate this is the first of a few steps to financial freedom.

Tax Preparation:
As an enrolled agent, we prepare individual and business tax returns as well as represent taxpayers against the IRS. Working with individuals and families we create a tax plan and shape expectations of future tax obligations. Throughout the year as budgets adjust so will the tax plan. From this, a more informative assumption of tax liability can be expected.

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